Panama Purple Redesigned – Feedback Please

My “Panama Purple” WordPress theme by Yannick Lyn Fatt is just one of those really classic beauties. She just looks beautiful from any angle. Don’t you agree? Aahhh, I knew you would. Nonetheless, I would like you to sing her praises in the comment box. And since she is a mature woman of my ilk – go ahead, be as critical as you wish.

Remember that the designer worked with the crazy requests of a mentally menopausal female. Anything you think is out of whack was either my idea or I was on one of my creative spurts and broke re-created something. Please point out anything you think might have been a tad too creative.

For the sake of those who are new, here are the latest changes.

New 3 column look – Yes. I miss the single column and loved her dearly. However, as you know Web 2.0 is the age of ‘widgets’ and Purple wanted to get her widgets on. So Yannick obliged with the 3 column style.

New Gadgets and PlugIns- There is a RSS button at the top-right of each page. One click and you can subscribe to RSS feeds. You are taken to Feedburner. where you may choose to register to receive all my latest posts on your Google, MSN, or Yahoo homepage. That way you keep updated with the latest posts.

Popularity Contest – There is a number beneath each post, something like 25% and so on. That is a WordPress plugIn by Alex King that measures the most popular posts on the Blog. It is quite interesting.

Sphere Related Content – That’s the little blue circle below the share this button. I’m testing this gadget. It provides links to articles that are similar to each post. These articles also include mine that Sphere locates on my blog.

BlogCatalog Community This is a very friendly community which is more than just a directory to list your Blog. I decided to use this as a sample of what Purple can do when she gets really excited. Go register your Blog there (if you have one) and let’s join each other’s community.

And I’ve also introduced a block for Featured Social Issue – where I’ll post a banner, link or image related to a particular cause or current social issue. I’ve started the ball rolling with Although the banner has been on my Blog for quite a long time, it is now receiving more prominence.

Now I wait to hear from you.

Purpled Out!


  1. Purpled Out WOW!! I must admit not my favorite shade of anything.. Maybe thats an anti Kingston College thing since I went to St Georges But You make purple look good. I am seeing some useful plugins too that I am about to try. I think the three column view gives the site more life or is it body? Whatever it is, it sure works for me.

  2. Hi!
    The 3-column layout is really good! I like all the features you added on this blog.

    Don’t worry about the header anymore. There are a lot of attractions below it anyway.

    My only suggestion is that you remove the underline links in the titles on the front page. The other links such as the post metadata are already okay.

  3. Wow. Thanks for the critique guys. I do appreciate it. Will work on the recommendations and let you know the outcome.

    Purple seems a little bit sluggish too – need to look again at what might be slowing her down.

    Again thanks for the encouraging words..Purple can’t stop preening.

  4. Just wanted to say thanks also for the feedback. I’m happy you like the 3-column layout, it was all Marvia’s idea. We still have a few things to fix and will hope to get those done as soon as possible. Most of them will be behind the scenes, however. Thank you also for the critiques and suggestions. They are more than welcome. 🙂

    Have a nice day.

  5. Yannick,
    Thanks for coming out from behind the scenes and saying hello 🙂

    Purple wearing 3 columns is even lovelier. And I’m busy getting creative here. Keep the cold compress for your head nearby 😉 You know I’m dangerous when I get creative.

    Thanks as always,

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