Jamaica's Usain Lightening Bolt Strikes Berlin

usain bolt london grandprix 2009

The 12th IAAF World Championships in Berlin was struck by lightening today when Jamaica’s superhuman Olympic triple Gold medal champion Usain “lightening” Bolt struck again. The electrical shock of the hit, I mean the World Record run of 9.58 seconds triggered jolts around the world. It left me quaking and goosebump filled clear over here in Panama.

I’m now nursing a headache, so I think I better put this on paper to see if It makes more sense. How do you logically say, 9.58?? Before the race I prayed that he’d be calm especially after the false start of the semi-finals. Of course in that race he slowed up again and jogged 9.89..yes jogging speed to cross the finish line. So we figured he’s going to do something sensational if he’s holding back. But 9.58? Seems I’m not any more coherent am I.

I was on the edge of my seat with the whole Jamaica for a full 15 minutes before the race. And by the time they got down on the track to start, I was a nervous wreck. The gun went off and the race was done. I mean. Done. Just like that. The gun went off and Usain left the blocks, Tyson Gay running like a Bat from hell trying to beat Jamaica’s other champion Asafa Powell. It was clear, he wasn’t trying to catch Bolt. And then poof..the race was done. 9.58. World Record blow torched.

And I’m screaming my head off in my house, the neighbour..my very proper neighbour starts blasting Beenie Man..Jamaican Dancehall music and I knew Lightening Bolt struck him too. And did I mention that I’m jumping up and down screaming my head off in the house? Then I sat back down…body completely chilled now. And its slowly sinking in. I heard a commentator said something about the 100m clock normally stops at 9.50. I take it that means, they believe a human can run 9.50. Now wait a minute. And Bolt ran 9.58??? No way!

Yes way! The report of the IAAF on the 12th World Championships in Berlin mentions Michael Green’s claim that today’s top athletes come from another planet. I’m now suspecting that they might just kidnap Usain and cart him off to a lab somewhere to test if he’s human. The craziness hit Twitter today with Tweets describing Bolt as a ‘freak’, a ‘beast’ and an ‘alien’. For us Jamaicans, Usain is simply a marvel, one extremely gifted by God with speed.

Jamaica has once again given birth to a legend. The superhuman stuff that Jamaicans aspire towards in our regular ordinariness and harsh difficulties. A part of the Jamaican legacy, is daring to dream and to strive after it. This young man has got it and most importantly he has come into his own and he delivers it. So he’s surpassed the Olympic record 9.69 he set exactly 1 year ago on this day August 16 in the Bird’s Nest in Beijing, China. He’s shown us again, he is the real deal. No matter the clowning, which for some of us staid and proper..he goes over the top sometimes. Fact is, he does whatever he needs to keep himself focused and get the job done.

And WELL DONE! Nuff respect Usain and also to Asafa Powell who claimed the bronze. ‘Safa…you’ll whoop Tyson yet. God to see you getting back in the game my friend. We love you both!!

Watch Usain’s burning up Berlin on YouTube video and see it for yourself. I just can’t stop playing it over and over again..

More screaming to come with the Mens 200m, 4x100m relay and girls meet up with the US women once again. Fun fun fun..

Photo Credit: Usain at London GrandPrix in May 2009 courtesy of my Veronica Taylor-Williams



  1. Are you sure this track meet is in the EU? There seem to be no Aryan superstars present. If ever there was a eyeopening event, this track meet stands in the annals of time along with Jessie Owens “1936 Summer Olympics” performance.

    • Oh yes…the blue track was awash with Black, Green & Gold:-) Glad you were happy for us as you watched the lightening sizzle Berlin!! Can you imagine London 2012??

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