Christmas Blessings From Marvia's Panama Journal

Christmas will never lose its universal appeal. Despite all the craziness and loss of focus on what the season really means, people continue to find this a special time of the year. The joy and festivities of the Christmas season adds something to the spirit in which each year comes to an end. And no matter how tough a year it has been, the end of the old and promise of the new brings hope. Jesus the Christ whose Advent and coming is celebrated this time of the year, is the one who brings hope.

I take the greatest pleasure in wishing for you my readers and your loved ones, the  blessings of  more Love, Contentment and Peace this Christmas and in the year to come.

This Christmas, please remember that it is Love that lies behind the meaning of this season we celebrate. Be Content with the blessings that kept you going this past year. Cultivate an attitude and lifestyle of Peace and bring a peaceful presence to the world now and in the future.

May the Light of the World brighten your heart and that of those you meet.



  1. George Davis says:

    Please share any information you have on Black Panamanian Ethic Day 2011. I am interested in attending. Thank you for any information on events that are Afro Panamanian. Thanks!

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