My First Black Christ Celebration In Portobello

It was getting closer to 8pm. Cristo Negro starts his processional march from the San Felipe and through the streets of Portobello at exactly at 8:00pm. Not before. Regular attendees knew what to expect and so the dancing began as though to hasten the time.

When the bells tolled announcing that 8pm arrived there was a deafening roar of ‘ariba’ from the crowd, calling for El Nazareno to be lifted up for the procession. The sound was electrifying.

World AIDS Day 2007: Will The Church Take The Lead This Advent?

  World AIDS Day 2007 brings a fresh challenge to the Church with this years theme of Leadership. A World AIDS Day Reflection on St. John 9:1-12 The beginning It was November 30th, 2007, the eve of World AIDS Day 2007 . The followers of Jesus sat in their living rooms watching broadcasts of the […]

Panama Wedding Liturgy With Surprises

The Liturgy of my First Panama Wedding I encountered more surprising firsts…. Talk about ‘culture shock’. In spite of all the homework done, and all my preparation I was definitely bowled over by certain aspects of this Panama wedding ceremony never encountered before. Perhaps had I known about them from the outset, I wouldn’t have […]